Poly Wood Counter Height Dining Sets

Counter Height Furniture is perfect for decks and patios that have a railing or overlook.

Most poly manufacturers offer sets for their individual furniture pieces. Buying in Sets can often save folks money but don't be fooled, make sure to check the individual pricing vs. set pricing you see around the web before making your purchase. You may be surprised to find that in some cases there is no discount to you when buying a set of poly counter height furniture.

At OutdoorPolyFurniture.com we provide our customers with a choice to create their own poly furniture set's based on design, color and pricing. Don't see the poly furniture counter height set of your dreams on our site? Give us a call today at 800-881-3727 for advice, service and set pricing.
$2,295.48 Sale Price: $2,173.30
$2,902.85 Sale Price: $2,526.96
Make your own unique counter height dining set from Poly-Wood, Luxury Poly, Amish /Berlin Gardens, Trex, Envirowood, Amish Poly Craft and many , many more! Shop and SAVE on Select Brands when you bundle, call us today for sales, service and the BEST advice on the Web. 800-881-3727