About Us

OutdoorPolyFurniture.com is owned by and your credit card will be billed by Shop Carolina, Inc.

Shop Carolina, Inc. is a customer focused, family based business located in Easley, South Carolina. Our first website, Shop-NC.com has been online since 1998. We have since grown and now serve thousands of satisfied customers each year - customers just like you, we hope!

Why shop with us?
We personally choose our products for function, comfort & quality and we treat our customers like we wish to be treated ourselves. Other web companies present up to hundreds of web sites with thousands of products and support them all with outsourced call centers. That means when you contact a web site with questions, you will likely reach someone without first-hand knowledge of the product.
At Shop Carolina, each phone call and every email is answered by a stake owner with a vested interest in serving you ... and we truly know our stuff!  Here's how to Contact Us. We sincerely value your calls, so if we are on our lines with other customers when you phone, please leave a message with your call back number - your call will be returned!

Your investment in high-density poly outdoor furniture will last for years and we encourage you to take your time and to purchase wisely. Give us a call if you have any questions about the outdoor poly products on our site, in local stores or elsewhere on the web.