OutdoorPolyFurniture.com 110% Best Price Guarantee from Shop Carolina, Inc.

It seems that every website claims to have the best prices on the Internet.  However, since 1998 Shop Carolina, Inc. has been serious, offering the original 110% Best Price Guarantee. We are always working with our suppliers and surveying other purveyors to make sure our prices are the very best possible, as a result we are never knowingly undersold!  

The Internet has come a long way since 1998 and now not all of our suppliers, such as Amish Gardens, permit us to advertise that we will meet or beat other’s prices. However, if you see a published price for products elsewhere for less than the published price on our site, please contact us and we will be glad to see if the item qualifies for our 110% Best Price Guarantee.


110% Best Price Example
OutdoorPolyFurniture.com Total Price $150
Other Dot.com Total Price $100
Difference $  50
Your Best Price from OutdoorPolyFurniture.com

$100-($50 X 10%) = 

Items manufactured by Amish Gardens do not qualify for the Shop Carolina, Inc. Best Price Guarantee.

Call us (800) 881-3727 with any questions

  • If you find a qualified item that is offered at OutdoorPolyFurniture.com elsewhere on the Internet, compare the TOTAL price of that item, including shipping, handling and taxes to its TOTAL price at OutdoorPolyFurniture.com.

  • If the item you wish to purchase is priced lower, simply Click to send us an email: [email protected] with 1) a web page link to the lower priced item, 2) any discount, coupon or promo code you nave been offered, and 3) your zip code.

  • If your item qualifies, YOUR BEST PRICE from OutdoorPolyFurniture will be the lower price LESS 10% of the difference between the two pices (see the Example to the left).  We will calculate your discount and email you an INSTANT CREDIT in the form of a Discount Code.  

About MAP Pricing 
MAP is the Minimum Advertised Price an authorized retailer is allowed to display in print or online advertising and it's the reason why you see the same online prices displayed for items from certain manufacturers everywhere you look.  In some cases, MAP pricing also applies to shopping cart discount, coupon and promo codes.

Just as Shop Carolina, Inc. is seroius about offering the best prices on the Internet to its customers, it is also serious about maintaining the MAP and other policies of its suppliers.  Dealers who do not abide by supplier policies jepardize their ability to serve you in the future on warranty and other issues.  Call us (800) 881-3727 with any questions.  When you do, we promise to treat you fairly and honestly, just as we would want to be treated ourselves.  

About Factory Discounts
OutdoorPolyFurniture.com, like most other poly furniture websites, does not manufacture its own outdoor poly furniture.  However, Shop Carolina, Inc., the owner of OutdoorPolyFurniture.com, enjoys excellent relationships with its suppliers and we glady pass on any savings and promotions offered by our suppliers to you.  No one receives better pricing and faster shipping service than us.  No hype ... just fact.

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