What to Know Before Buying Outdoor Poly Furniture:

The thing about warranties:
No warranty is much good unless there’s service behind the sale. Shop Carolina, Inc., the owner of OutdoorPolyFurniture.com, has been in the outdoor poly business for more than 15 years; and we will be here when you need help. For situations outside warranty, we generally can source replacement parts for the furniture you purchased from us - your cost for these replacement parts ... is the same as the cost to us.

You can read more about warranties in our FAQ’s and phone 800-881-3727 for details and advice.

BBB Impostors can be a sign of trouble!
If clicking on an online BBB image on any website does not link you directly to the Better Business Bureau, then the business may be fraudulently claiming BBB accreditation with intent to deceive.

Your new high-density outdoor poly furniture will last a lifetime, so take your time before you buy ... and buy from someone you trust. Before you buy, ask yourself ...

Is the website BBB Accredited?
Look for a logo showing that an online business has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and then click on the logo to verify the accreditation.
 Shop Carolina, Inc. BBB Business Review
If clicking on an online BBB image does not take you to the Better Business Bureau, then the business may be fraudulently claiming BBB accreditation.

The BBB wants consumers to put trust in the BBB logo and the Standards for Trust that businesses must abide by in order to use the logo, including a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. 

If you see a suspicious BBB logo, you can contact www.BBB.org directly, or call us: 800-881-3727, we'll give you the straight story.

Prices are everywhere the same for a reason:
Many outdoor poly furniture suppliers maintain a minimum advertised price (MAP) policy, which is why you tend to see the same price on certain poly furniture items on each and every outdoor poly website you visit. MAP policies can also apply to shopping cart discount, coupon and promo codes.  Be aware, dealers who violate supplier policies jeopardize their ability to serve you on warranty and other issues. As an Authorized Dealer, we abide by policies of our suppliers.  Because of that, we enjoy the very best supplier relationships and glady pass on any savings and promotions offered by our suppliers to you.  

Call for details, advice or pricing questions: 800-881-3727

The Truth about Furniture Cushions:
As the poly outdoor furniture season begins to heat up some sites offer free cushions with their furniture in lieu of discounting furniture, in part this is beacuse many poly furniture manufacturers have protected online dealers advertising prices using MAP. Cushions are often not a protected item under a manufacturers MAP policy and can be sold at a reduced cost or in somce cases given away to add value to the furniture you are interested in. The reality is the poly furniture in most situations is already designed and constructed to provide maximum seating comfort. Cushions in a majority of the brands are often thin at 1" with some models and outside of the fabric color against the poly furniture add little comfort or extra value. We often advise folks who inquire not to get cushions up front and to wait to see how the furniture feels when it arrives. If a customer still wants cushions even after buying poly furniture from us we will offer cushions at a discounted rate when allowed by brand. We think you should save your money on the furniture that you will have for the rest of your life.

Call for details, advice or pricing questions: 800-881-3727

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