2021 Shipping Lead Times

The Outdoor Poly Furniture industry is booming!  Shipping lead times are at an all-time high!

All of our products are Made in the USA and our suppliers are back to work after pandemic-related shutdowns. Unfortunately, as they work to fill backorders and they receive an unprecedented surge of new orders, our suppliers are experiencing disruptions in their own supply chains. That has caused higher costs and longer lead times. Fortunately, poly outdoor furniture holds its value and can last a lifetime! The Perfect Storm for our raw poly material shortage of 2021, read about it here!

I’m "Kirk", the owner; and I understand the situation is frustrating. I’ve been working with our Outdoor Poly Furniture suppliers for more than 20 years and I speak to many of them daily. You can call me (800) 881-3727 if you have questions about lead times or the status of any order.

Know this, and check this if you purchase elsewhere: OutdoorPolyFurniture.com (dba Shop Carolina, Inc.) will take your order, but will not charge your credit card until your furniture ships. (We may re-authorize charges prior to shipping).  Bottom line - the sooner in, the earlier out.  And you have me looking out for you. The fastest shipping poly furniture right now is listed here on our website.

Here are some images showing one of the many factors influencing this season of Outdoor Poly Furniture:

These are images of the Texas plant producing the non-recycled components of our Outdoor Poly Furniture in the February freeze. The plant was shut down for inspection and repair, contributing to current market shortages.