Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Poly Furniture 

What is Outdoor Poly Furniture?
The greatest thing since sliced bread ;) It is full outdoor use furniture offering the tradition, style and warmth of wooden outdoor furniture - with none of the maintenance. Poly outdoor furniture is crafted using time-tested wood furniture manufacturing techniques substituting uniform high-density poly (HDPE) dimension lumber "boards" and stainless steel fasteners. It is nothing like the lightweight plastic furniture made from one-piece molded PVC plastic you've seen in supermarkets and big box stores. HDPE plastic is heavy and dense and furniture made from it is solid and sturdy. A typical poly Adirondack chair, for example, weighs 40 lbs ... and will last a lifetime.

What is High-Density Poly (HDPE)?
HDPE is high density polyethylene, a plastic polymer sourced primarily from petroleum, natural gas, corn and other biomass.  The principle use of HDPE is the manufacture of soda bottles, milk jugs and other blow molded hollow goods. HDPE is fully recyclable with a rough offset of 1 gallon of crude oil for every 3 lbs of recycled HDPE.

Is all your HDPE poly recycled?
No, each poly furniture manufacturer uses different amounts of virgin raw material and recycled post-consumer waste. Most use 80-95% recycled materials; the exceptions are Siesta™ Poly Furniture and Seaside Envirowood® which both use 100% recycled materials and Lifestyle™ Poly Furniture which is made entirely of non-recycled, virgin HDPE. Descriptions on product pages describe the amount of recycled materials used by each manufacturer.

Is Outdoor Poly Furniture truly no-maintenance?
Nearly so. Colors are solid throughout the thick "wood", so it t never needs the type of maintenance associated with wooden outdoor furniture, such as sealing or painting. Of course, everything looks better when clean; outdoor poly furniture can be rinsed, hand-washed or power-washed (1500 psi or less) with water and any type of soap.  Typically, proper care is required to support the benefits of warranties.

Will the color fade?
All poly used in outdoor furniture is treated with UV stabilizers, making it highly resistant (but not impervious) to fading; the color is solid, through and through so furniture is not affected by nicks and scratches.

Should I cover my poly furniture?
HDPE poly does not absorb water, so furniture can be left outside in all seasons never needing to be covered, unless you choose. Covering will afford additional protection in high UV environments.

Should I buy furniture cushions?
You can decide. Outdoor poly furniture is ergonomically designed, so cushions are not necessary, simply a matter of preference.  When a manufacturer offers matching cushions, we present that option to you.  You might also consider that HDPE high-density poly is comfortable to the touch. Similar to real wood (and unlike metal), high-density poly does not transfer high amounts of heat or cold to the body.

Which poly brand should I choose?
We have personally chosen all of our poly furniture for style and comfort - we sit in it, because you can't.  We also rate our lines for Quality and Value and like buying a car, there's something for everyone.  The Quality factors we judge include sturdiness, HDPE thickness and attention to detail.  Our Value ratings consider price versus quality and customer satisfaction.  Call us at 800-881-3727 - we'll help you to decide.

Does my Poly furniture require assembly?
The short anwser is yes. Everything that can be pre built for you at the factory is assembled ahead of time. Your left putting these pieces together. Much like Ikea furniture or a typical bookcase from Office Depot, assembly is straight forward but does require one to have a basic knowledge of hand tools commonly found around the house. We suggest using a cordless screw gun to help assemble your furniture once it arrives. If you have any questions or concerns before buying please ask us for the best advise.

Is Outdoor Poly Furniture the same as POLYWOOD® and Poly-Wood® and poly wood furniture?
No, POLYWOOD® is a registered brand of Poly-wood, Inc. At OutdoorPolyFurniture.com, we offer the best poly outdoor furniture brands in the business, including POLYWOOD®, Envirowood™, Eon®, Siesta™ and LifeStyle™.

Poly-Wood, Inc. started the trend toward outdoor poly furniture in 1990 and continues to be a leading product innovator. At our dedicated POLYWOOD® furniture web site PolywoodFurniture.com, we proudly showcase Poly-Wood, Inc.'s full line of POLYWOOD® furniture.

What should I know about poly warranties?
Outdoor furniture made from high-density poly has been manufactured since 1990; as experience with outdoor poly grows, the trend is toward longer & longer warranties. These warranties typically cover the poly material itself against fading, splintering, warping, peeling and splitting. Protection against workmanship and breakage vary by manufacturer.  On OutdoorPolyFurniture.com you can find what is covered by warranty on each product's page under “Manufacturer Information".

Shop Carolina, Inc., the owner of OutdoorPolyFurniture.com, has been in the outdoor poly business for more than 15 years and will be here when you need help with any warranty situation.

What is the difference between Outdoor Poly Furniture websites?
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